Build your short term vacation rental business

I have spent the last 6 seasons building everything I needed to successfully manage my vacation rentals in just a few hours a week and I came to realize that the things I have built may be of value to others. If you are just getting started in the industry or maybe you have been at it for a while and you are just interested in seeing how someone else is doing things please check out my video introduction.

I have loved the vacation rental business from day one.

I really feel like I was born to do hospitality. I have this unique set of skills and experience that just make it feel right.

“…In my heart of hearts I just want to provide this amazing experience for people, I think because I want to have amazing experiences. I have not even begun to bring this to the level I really want to take it. I love this so much I would do this for free…”


The Challenge

Today, many of us have chosen to become mini hoteliers managing 1 to 5 properties while we hold down our 9 to 5 hoping to one day retire early and manage our portfolio.

Some have already made it to superstar status, managing several hundred properties.

Never the less, the main challenge whether vacation rentals are your full-time gig or just part-time dream, are the back office duties.

I would say no one ever dreamed of starting a vacation rental business so they could do accounting and pay taxes.

Anthony Martin

The Solution

When we bought our first vacation rental several years ago my full-time job was a software developer. Little did I know then that several years later the very things that I was building to make my life easier could be used to help others and solve the biggest challenge of living the dream of owning a viable vacation rental company.


I have created a simple and easy way to handle VR accounting without expensive software or the need for an accountant. You can do it easily yourself and understand your accounting our software makes it easy.

Owner Statements

Whether you are managing rentals or just own them yourself you are going to need a reports and statements that are able to give you the numbers you need at the push of a button.

State & Local Taxes

State and local taxes are the funnest part of owning your own business right?

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